25 Ways To Buy Discount Appliances Online


Buying appliances can be a big deal, especially if it’s needed suddenly. A;though it can be it doesn’t have to be. Take a look at the list of ways below, it will help you buy appliances, without leaving your budget, and without going into debt.

Do You Even Need To Buy A New Appliance

  1. Even before we go into savings on your purchase, let’s see if you eve need to buy that appliance. Are you buying a dishwasher? Maybe think about washing by hand instead (we do that in my house, it’s not that hard after you get used to it), especially if it’s only for a couple/3/4 people. If you’re buying a toaster, you may be able to use a toaster oven, or an oven. You may also be able to use an oven for a toaster oven…
  2. You can try to fix your old appliance (if you have one) or call a repairman. Before you do that take a look at Amazon, see the basic price of the item you need to purchase. Then call the repairman, if he charges about half (or less) then the price on Amazon, ask him to repair it instead of buying a new one.
  3. If the above 2 ways don’t work for you, you now know you actually need to buy one, but do you need to buy it new? Let’s try to get one for cheap, which is still in very good condition. You can check eBay and craigslist, and ask friends and family if they know anyone, you can buy it from. You can also put in craigslist wanted list, what you’re looking for.
  4. Next let’s try to get one, like a store sample, or with a dent or scratch. To do this just walk into your local store, and ask them if they have a slightly dent, or sample model for sale, that you can buy for cheap.
  5. You can also look for one on clearance, this can be due to, a return to a store, which means the item is in perfect condition, but was once opened Make sure the person returned it because s/he disliked it, and not because of malfunction).
  6. Sometimes you can buy an older model, if the same company came out with a newer model, but the older model is still comparable. You can check Best Buy for older models.
  7. You can sometimes buy a perfect new model, below average price, on eBay or Amazon, by buying from a private seller. Just make sure it’s from a reputable seller, as sometimes if it’s to cheap, it may be a scam. Check the reviews on a seller, if there’s a lot of positive feedback, you can assume it’s coming from a reputable seller. (In case you do buy from a scammer, on Amazon or eBay, you’ll receive a refund with their money back guarantee).,
  8. See if there’s a sale on the product you want to buy. To do this, you can either go around your favorite stores, and see if any of them have a sale. Or you can check department stores and their websites, or wholesale clubs, go to their deals, on their website, and see if they have the item you need on sale. (Keep in mind, sometimes stores will have a product as a deal, and it may even look cheap, but, it may not be cheap at all, you can verify if it’s actually cheap by comparing the price you see as a sale price, to other similar stores prices.
  9. If you’re buying an appliance near your house, or even if you find one online, and you find a cheaper price somewhere else, you may be eligible to receive a price match. It never hurts to ask.
  10. Buy gift cards to the place you want to buy at. You can find discounted gift cards on Gift Card Granny, or Raise.

    Get It For Cheaper

  11. Use a cashback website, they’ll give you a percentage of your purchase back, and this can amount to quite a lot, especially if you’re purchasing a large appliance.
  12. Use a high percentage cashback credit card or points/miles credit card. You may be able to get quite a lot of cashback with a card like Discover-it if the purchase you are making falls in to the right category to earn you 5% cashback. You can read our picks of the best cashback credit cards.
  13. See if your store is offering points for your purchases. Some stores, like Staples, offer a little bonus just for shopping in their store.
  14. If you can wait to buy your appliance, buy it around the holiday seasons, or around Black Friday, as these times you can usually get the best deals. Obviously this is only if you’re going to buy a new one, as old/used ones depend on when people sell their items.
  15. See if you can find coupons. Coupons usually don’t offer that much of a discount, but sometimes they can be 10% off, which can essentially get you $50 off, it really depends on how much you’re spending
  16. Check the website of the brand you’re buying from, see if they’re offering coupons. Even if they don’t offer any coupons to help you save money, they may still offer you other perks, which you’ll be able to enjoy, so why not take a look.
  17. You can always try to negotiate a price, with a store. When you’re buying a big appliance, this can be even more rewarding – for you, and for the store (so that you’ll buy from them). Plus, even if they don’t give you the discount you’re asking for, they may still offer you free shipping, and/or free installation of your new appliance, which can also be very useful. Sometimes it can help to negotiate by phone, by calling up the store and speaking to customer service, rather than speaking face to face or emailing them. Just remember to always speak politely, and confidently, as otherwise they’ll just ignore you.
  18. You can also try to get your purchase in an outlet store. They generally offer very good pricing, on very decent items.
  19. Look for an energy saver. Remember, as cheap as you get your new appliance now, you may end up paying more in the long run, by paying more on your gas or electricity bill. They usually advertise with the product that you’re buying how much you can save on your bills.
  20. Look at reviews on similar products. Besides for the regular reviews, just to figure out the basics of a product, people may write where to find a product for less. They might also write how much they save on energy and overall costs, so you can save in the long run.
  21. Once you decide to purchase a product, the store will probably try to offer you many “Extras”. These can include extended warranties, for many years, and they can be very costly. It’s not worth it. Firstly, who said you’ll even have the warranty when the item breaks, also it may not cover the damage done. It may also expire before your item breaks, studies have shown that warranties are usually not worth it to buy them.
  22. You can usually get a rebate for your old appliance. Check with your local state to see if they’ll give you a rebate. Sears also has a rebate program that pays you for your old appliances.
  23. If you can’t get a rebate, you can try to sell your old appliance for a few extra bucks. If it’s not in working condition anymore, eBay still gives you the option of selling “For parts only”. This means someone might actually buy your nonworking appliance.
  24. The store you’re buying at might charge for delivery, but, as stated above, you can try to negotiate for free shipping. Otherwise, if you just moved, tell the post office your new address. They will send you a moving kit which includes discounts on furniture. See if you’re entitled to free shipping.
  25. Some stores let you rent a car for delivery, like Home Depot for example. These cost about $75 per hour. If you intend on doing this, it may just be cheaper to rent a car yourself from a regular rental company, this can be about $40 – $50 per day, you can also try to rent a uhaul for about $20 per day + miles.

These are our favorite ways of saving on appliances, there may be other ways. If you know of any other ways, please tell us in the comments below. Also, we would love to hear about your experiences please tell us in the comments below, how much you ended up saving.

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