About savingsmasher.com

Savingsmasher is here to help you save money every day


When I was growing up I would always want to save $. Now besides for that, of course I wouldn’t like when, say, someone would “Rip me off”, and that’s how savingsmasher came into existence.

Savingsmasher is here for you

Of course, once I felt that way, I looked for many ways to get around it. Now I’m still working on saving ideas, but, I would like other people to be involved. Let’s do this together. We all don’t want to spend $100 on a USB, if you could get it for $50, so why should we. So let’s get rolling after all that’s why we created savingsmasher. And if you can help with any ideas you can always leave your comments below the posts or you can email me at bobd@savingsmasher.com.

$avingsmasher to $ave $

As you can see that’s it that’s really what this website is all about, just save, save, and save some more. So let’s save together. Ready? Start here

All the best,


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