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A very fundamental way to save on your weekly grocery bill is to compare grocery prices. But, before you start doing this, a good suggestion would be to open a free email account with a provider like Gmail (if you already have an account with Gmail, you can open a second one by clicking add account), so that you don’t clutter your regular email address, and so that you’ll be able to search for things related to your groceries and nothing else (more about that later). You can pick any name for this new email address, some examples would include [] or [], but these are just examples. Once you have that set up we’re ready to get rolling.

Let’s start with your regular grocery stores. Sign up for all their weekly flyers and/or deals. These stores include 1.The store you shop at weekly 2.The store you go to if they have a sale 3.The store around the corner 4.Any store within a 10 mile radius from your house.

Next let’s sign up for ell the “Big” supermarkets, examples of these inclue Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Wegmans and any other big supermarket near you, just go to their websites and sign up for whatever they offer, whether it’s coupons, deals, or their weekly circular.

Next let’s sign up for the department stores, examples include Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Just go to their websites, and see if you can sign upfor dealsand/or alerts.

Now you should have enough. When you’re ready to go shopping or to make your shopping list, just type the item(s) you want to buy into the search bar, at the top of your email inbox (if you can’t find anything with the search for that item name, just type the catagory for the item, for example if you want to buy tomatoes, and when you search for tomatoes nothing comes up, you can search instead for “Vegetables”). When all the items on sale or discounts come up, pick the cheapest one! If only one comes up that’s great, now you’ll know just where to get that item (because it’s only on sale in one place).

After your finished shopping, make sure to delete all the old and expired emails, so they shouldn’t come up in your next shopping trips search(you can also choose to do this periodically if that works better for you). If you still need a sale that you recently deleted, Gmail has a deleted folder where you can see all your recently deleted items(they should not come up on a regular search).

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