How To Find Cheap Flight Tickets


People need to go places, and that can’t change. Also, flights do cost a lot of money, but fortunately that can change. And We will make that happen. So we have come up with a few ways for you to find cheap flight tickets, this can and should usually be done online. Before we get into how to find cheap flight tickets, let us discus, how not to find them – meaning, the wrong ways to go about this. First of all if you start searching for flights (or a lot of other things for that matter), the company/website that you’re searching on, will see this, they’ll realize which day and time you want to fly, and then they’ll raise their prices, because they already know you want to fly, so they might as well charge you a lot more money. This is done automatically, and it’s called dynamic pricing, meaning as soon as they see people searching for flights on a certain date, they will raise the price for that date. In order to stop them from doing this, you should search in incognito mode (press the 3 dots on the upper left-hand side in your browser, then click new incognito window, or you can hit ctrl + shift + N in chrome or Safari, for all other browsers hit ctrl + shift + P). Also, clear your browsing history in between searches for best results, they won’t see anything that you searched for before, making it as if this is the first time your looking for a flight on this date. With that said let us figure out the best way to find cheap flight tickets, so that we can fly cheaper.

Finding Cheap Flights

The first thing to do is find cheap flights. This can be done through online websites that offer to find them for you. Our favorite is skyscanner, but you can use plenty of them, including Kayak, Cheap Flights, Expedia, or even Google itself offers cheap flight tickets. Now just remember that once you find your flight on one of these websites, they’ll redirect you to the airlines’ website, once they do that, see which airline it is, then check on reviews about that airline. Make sure it’s trustworthy, if it is then proceed. Next they’ll try to get you to buy all kinds of extras, like extra baggage, insurance, and the ability to choose your seat. You must decline all these extras, if you must have an extra suitcase, it might be worth it to take a regular flight, as it’s with these extras that these airlines’ make all their money. Also, with insurance you can pay with a credit card that offers travel insurance, there are many cards that offer insurance, including the Chase sapphire preferred credit card, and most airline credit cards. And it’s also not worth it to choose your seat, for an extra $100. Remember, the airlines’ are making their money on extras, so if you need them, consider flying with one of the major airlines’, like United or American Airlines.

Discounts with Flight Agents

Another way to find cheap flight tickets is to use a travel agent. Now of course travel agents also need to make money, and they will usually charge a little more than the airline directly, if you’re not very good at finding cheap flights yourself, or if you want someone who will be in charge of your trip, using a travel agent can be a very good idea, especially if this is your first time flying or this is your first time going to this country. You can always ask the travel agent for a discount flight, and if you call early, and tell them to wait and find you the cheapest flight tickets they can find, even if it means waiting to book, they should be able to give you a very competitive price.

Getting Flight Discount Coupon Codes

Another way to save, if you’re booing a flight yourself online (not through a travel agent), is to book using discount coupon and promo codes. These can either be found on the airlines’ direct website, or they can be found using websites made specifically to find you codes. These can include Giving Assistant Mak My Trip or Student Universe. Or you can check out our list of the best coupon websites, where you can find websites that offer coupons on general spending, to help you save money all the time, some of them even offer you coupon codes to save on airline tickets.

Save With Credit Card Points

There’s yet another way to buy cheap tickets, and that is to use your credit card points, to book your flights. If you don’t already have a credit card, that offers points for flights tickets, you can check with your regular airline (the airline you use the most) to see if they offer you a credit card, that would give you points/miles to use with their airline. Or you can check into applying for a credit card that offers points that can be used at multiple airlines, such as the chase sapphire preferred credit card, which earns points that can be redeemed for travel.


These are just some ways to save when booking flights, but as we’ve stated earlier, because flight tickets can be very expensive, and people do have to travel (sometimes very frequently) through these ideas and tricks pick what’s best for you, sometimes you can even use a few of them, and try to spend as little as possible. But also remember that although these tips can help you save money, sometimes, especially if you can, it might be worth it to pay full price, as if you pay for a regular ticket, such as with United, you’ll have more options-meaning they’ll be nicer to you, because you paid the regular fair, but if your willing to forgo that, you can try these tips. Also, the truth is, with some of these tips such as travel agents, and with credit card points, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty with airlines.

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