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Shopping at Staples Online

With so many stores online, it can be confusing to find cheap, but quality products. Amazon definitely seems to be winning, in the form of popularity, but are they the cheapest? We can definitely just follow the crowd, to amazon, or we can search for a cheaper option. There isn’t only one cheaper option either. Everyone heard of eBay, but did you know, that almost every product you buy on amazon, you can find on eBay? Another option would be to get your item shipped from China. It really depends on the item you want if it’s worth it to get it from China, but it’s almost always cheaper.

You can check out our favorite stores that ship items from China.

Another option, which this article will be focusing on, is to buy from, or staples store. There are many reasons we picked, to help you save money, let’s go through them

20% Off?

Sometimes, stores offer coupons. Some stores coupons are better, some are worse. offers one of the best coupon variety in the industry. Many times will offer 20% OFF ANY ITEM IN THE ENTIRE STORE. Most times you find a coupon for 20% off it will restrict you to about half the store. The first thing is gift cards, and anything that has any monetary value, which can be understood very well, and will usually also have this restriction. And after that most stores will list all big purchases, then many other categories. This can limit you to very few things to save on, and the coupon, in the end won’t be worth too much. That’s where staples is better, they may have a few reasonable limitations, but they won’t stop you from buying to many things with your coupon. They also offer these coupons far more often than their competitors.

Sometimes they offer $5 off your purchase. These are also very good, as they usually do not have a minimum spending required. I “Bought” many packages of good pens, for FREE, with this coupon, as anything under $5 will be included. Of course, again, offers these coupons far more often than their competitors.

How Can You Get Those CouponsCoupons for a sale

Staples offers their customers many great coupons, but they are not always so easy to find. Are you ready to go find them?Here are some ideas to try.

  • The first and easiest way to find their coupons is to sign up for their email list, they don’t always send all their coupons to people signed up, but they offer some, and it can’t hurt to get a few extra discounts. The sign up box is on the bottom of the website.
  • Sign up for rewards program. The rewards program gives 2% cashback on all purchases, (more on this later), and it also gives you many extra coupons. Best of all, it’s free to sign up.
  • Go to deals page, there they have all their coupons, just like every other company.
  • You can also check out our top picks for the best coupon websites, and search one for “Staples”, they should also have some coupons, for you to save money.

Do They Really Price Match Everything From Amazon?

YES! Believe it or not, if you find something on, and it has a cheaper price than (or staples in store), they will price match it, that means they will give you the exact same price as amazon. The same works for many other competitors, like,, and Office, or, any other price you find online. To find out how to price match, read this article, it will tell you everything about price match, and what you need to do, to get the cheaper price. P.S. There may be a few items that they do not price match, please see staples terms & conditions, about their exact price match policy.

Staples Will Give You 2% – 5% BACK ON EVERY PURCHASE has a rewards program, you sign up, they then give you a rewards number, then, when you make a purchase, you give them that number (or you can use your phone number, after you sign up), and they give you 2% back to your rewards account. After you spend $1,000 dollars in 1 year, you than can earn an additional 3% back, for a total of 5% back on in store purchases.

When you sign up for the rewards program, you also get extra benefits, such as coupons, $2 back for ink & toner that you recycle, and other benefits. As mentioned earlier it’s free to sign up for this service.

Use Staples Credit Card

Staples has their own credit card, you can use that for your purchases at a staples store or at to receive 5% cashback on you purchases. They also offer a sign up bonus for business and other great benefits. You can check out their current offers for their credit card here.

Another option to save at Staples, if you don’t use the Staples credit card, would be, to buy a discounted gift card. Discounted gift cards are sold on websites like Gift Card Spread.  You can save between 4 – 5% on Staples gift cards.

Staples Has More Than Just Office Supplies

Staples is made for the office, and it has everything you can need in an office, but that includes food, electronics (like headphones), cleaning supplies and many more things. They can easily be used for household use as well. And they keep adding new categories all the time. Plus they have a huge clearance, where you can shop for great useful items, at very low prices.

Shipping Is FREE For…Free Delivery

Staples is stepping up with Free shipping for all orders over $35. It used to be any order over $50 had free shipping, but Walmart and Target both offer free shipping on any order over $35, so Staples decided to compete, and now offers Free next day shipping on all orders over $35. Plus, if you have a business, and you order a lot, it might just be worth it to get Staples plus membership, which offers free shipping with no minimum spending required to business for just $50/per year.


Deal Of the Day SignYou might just stick to Amazon, Walmart, or other big brands, but we like Staples, because it competes with competitors very well, meaning it comes very close to its competitors. Plus, with their rewards system and coupons/deals, it might be worth it to give it a shot. Take a look at the weekly Staples ad for their weekly deals. You can also take a look at their daily deals, that change all the time. Tell us what you think about Staples, in the comments below.

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