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Everyone needs vacations, and we all deserve them considering how much we work on everyday things, but our vacations can be quite expensive. Considering this, we decided to help you save money on your next hotel vacation. To save on hotels is only the first step to saving on your vacation, besides that you can also save on car rentals, and on flight tickets.

Look For Less Expensive Hotels

Notice, less expensive does not necessarily need to be worse, nor does it mean a disgusting hotel at all. You’re not giving up on your vacation because of money, but also, don’t give up money because of nothing. You can easily find cheaper hotels just by comparing them ( use google to compare, then check out the hotels websites).

For example if your looking for a hotel in Iowa, I searched “Hotels in Iowa” in google, and it brought up plenty of hotels within close proximity of each other, and they range between $50 to $100 dollars. Now I can start looking at their websites respectively, and researching them on google, and I found that Hotel Ottumwa has plenty of good reviews, and is very cheap for the days I wanted. So do your research.

Sign Up For Their Loyalty Program

Most hotels will have a loyalty program that’s free to sign up for. Sometimes they offer you upgrades or special deals with their loyalty programs, so it’s best to sign up for them a lot in advance. But, the main thing you’ll benefit from their loyalty program, will be the points that you receive for your stay. Sometimes those points can earn you an upgrade on your next stay, but if you stay long enough, sometimes they’ll even earn you a free night/weekend to enjoy for your next vacation.

Sign Up For Their Credit Card

The big brand hotels will usually offer a credit card that’s specific to their hotel chain, an example of this would be the Hilton Honors American Express credit card. This card offers 7 points per $1 spent on any hotel that’s part of the Hilton chain, these include the Waldorf, Double Tree, and many more. Besides for offering points for spending on the hotel, these cards will also offer points on everyday spending. If you would rather use a regular credit card to use with your vacation, that’s also fine as most regular credit cards also offer points on everyday spending. You can see a list of our top cashback credit cards, and pick the one that’s right for you.

Sign Up Through A Cashback Website

Cashback websites are good because their essentially a free service that you can use and they give you commission. It’s always worth it to shop through these websites just to get you extra money, but it is especially worth it at times like this, where you can earn about 5% back from your total purchase. Check out our list of the 5 best cashback websites where you can sign up for one that offers cashback on the hotel that you’re staying by, and there you go, you can now take back a nice percentage of what you spent. If the hotel you want to stay by is not listed on any of the cashback websites, you can go to the cashback website, and click on a different website that you can book from. For example, you can go to Rakuten and click on expedia, then book your hotel through expedia, and receive your cashback in your rakuten account.

Don’t Stay Extra, Before Confirming Price

Last time I stayed at a hotel, the checkout time was 2:00 PM, and at about 1:55 the hotel clerk called me up and asked if I wanted to stay until my flight (an extra 3 hours), so I asked how much it would be? $110. No kidding, and this was a cheap hotel. So it may not be worth it to stay extra, just ask before (by the way, they didn’t care that I came down a few minutes late, and I was able to store my suitcases there. Just go souvenir shopping around the area, or go to a park or store nearby.

Use A Price Checker

price checker

When booking or looking for hotel prices online, it never hurts to use a price checker. This can either be a real price checker like Priceline, or it can be your regular google search, the same way you search always. Either way you should be able to find cheap hotel rates. You can also go to the bottom of these websites where they offer specials (on priceline it’s Hotel Express Deals, but each website will have their own unique version of finding you great deals to book a cheap vacation.

Book On Cheaper Days/Seasons

If you can, it may be worth it to book on a cheaper season rather than booking when everybody is going, (if you have off then), as generally, the more people that book in that season, the more expensive the hotels can cost. It can also be a good idea, when looking for hotels, to look on incognito mode with a clear browsing history, as that can slow down the companies from raising their prices (if you don’t do that, every time you look at hotels the company will see that you’re interested in it and they might raise the price)


These are just some ways to save money when booking your hotel stay, try as many as you could, and see how much you can save, eventually maybe you’ll start saving so much it will be free. If you have any other ideas how to save money when booking your hotel, you can please share them with our readers in the comments below.

Enjoy your vacation!

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