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Target is a well-known big store, it is known for having devoted customers who frequently get carried away and overspend. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can enjoy a stroll through Target without breaking the bank. The Target weekly ad is a powerful tool in keeping you on track. You can find the ad in your Sunday paper or on the Target circle app. The ad is valid from Sunday through Saturday. Sometimes they run specials that are for a shorter period. Those special deals will tell you the length of time, for example, the 2019 holiday deals. These deals would be advertised with a time frame. will you help you stay on top of these deals as well.

The anatomy of the Ad

When you get the ad, the first thing you will see is the front page. This page typically announces the main deals of the week, that will be seasonal items and special deals. When you open the ad, the first section will be seasonal and special buys, just like the front page. Next, you will see electronics. Toward the middle of the ad, you will find toys and clothes. As you go to the back of the ad, this is where it really gets good, you will see sales on baby items, household cleaning supplies, and food.

Gift Card Promotionsgift card

The gift card promotion is Target’s secret weapon to help you save the most on items you use every day. When you look at the ad, look for a little red square near an advertised item. This indicates a gift card promotion, and, it will tell you the amount of the gift card you will receive. You will have to buy a certain amount or spend a specific dollar amount to receive the gift card. An example would be to spend $50 on cleaning supplies get a $15 gift card or buy 3 Dove shampoos and get a $5 gift card. Read the offer carefully, sometimes it only includes certain brands that you have to buy to get the offer, and sometimes it is just a certain category. You will most commonly find these deals on household cleaning supplies, baby items, and health and beauty. Look for gift promotions on food items during big food holidays. (ex. Superbowl and thanksgiving) spend $50 on food to get a $10 gift card is a common food promotion to look for. They will also run the gift card promotions on specific food and beverages. Occasionally you will find gift card promotions on video games and electronics.

Coupon Stackingsale 2 coupons

The best way to save the most amount of money at Target is to use manufactures coupons with sales and gift card promotions. Your Sunday paper inserts will have coupons you can clip and bring to the store. In addition to clipped coupons you can add coupons electronically to your target circle app. Once a month on the last week of the month your newspapernewspaper stand

will have an insert called P&G Every Day, this one has a lot of good coupons to match to gift promotions in the cleaning and health & beauty departments. Be aware of your stores’ coupon policy and read the fine print on the bottom of the coupon to avoid any mistakes at the register. You can find the most up to date coupon policy on targets’ website. For more information on how to use coupons keep reading,

In-Store Signage

Target helps you to find the items from the ad by putting tags and signs on shelves that correspond to the target weekly ad. These will help you select the right products for the gift card promotions. Keep an eye out for these.

Target Circle APP

Targets ad will mention target circle offers these are special deals you can receive, by loading them to your app and having the circle app scanned at checkout. When you open the app click target circle offers then you will see different categories, for example, apparel, health & beauty, toys. Click the category you want and then you will see the in-store deals and manufactures digital coupons that are available in that category. Adding it to your app is simple just click add, and when your app is scanned at checkout the deals will come off your total. You will also find a digital copy of the weekly ad on the app. If ordering online is something you enjoy you can do that right here in the app as well. It is important to learn to use the Target app, because you will find deals there you will not always see in the ad, and, as technology continues to evolve, and companies are making efforts to be more green the availability of paper ads will be decreasing.

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is an unofficial shopping holiday known as Black Friday. Target will put a special ad, in addition to the weekly ad specifically showcasing the special deals that will be offered just for black Friday weekend. You can get an early peek at it in the target circle app. Look for amazing deals on small appliances and electronics. In 2019, they offered tremendous savings on air fryers and instant pots. You can find rock bottom prices of Christmas themed pajamas during Black Friday weekend as well. (pro tip save your gift card from the gift card promotions all year and you can get your family Christmas PJs free) They also had a great deal of PlayStation 4 and other video game bundles. Keep an eye out as soon as Halloween is over because these deals start to roll out before the actual Black Friday and are time-sensitive. Keep an eye on for the best deals on Black Friday 2020.

Target does not have to be a budget buster. If you use these tips, and you are serious about savings, you can get the best deals on the things you use every day, and have extra to splurge on the fun and quality products Target has without the guilt. Keep an eye on for more information on saving money every day.

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