What To Buy At Walmart in 2020


Things to buy and things not to buy at Walmart

Walmart is one of the most popular shopping centers in the United States. With millions of people shopping from Walmart, you can imagine they have just about anything those people need. But as you can imagine, there are things you can buy from them and things that are not really recommended buying. You have the Walmart online shopping customer service if you have issues, true, but ideally you want to have a good idea of what you can buy and what to avoid.

Things to buy at Walmart

Organic teatea bags

Walmart has a great selection of organic tea. You can use the Walmart order online system and you can buy a vast range of organic tea. You just have to find the right option to suit your needs. It’s a great idea and a wonderful investment, that’s for sure. You should totally check it out.


Yes, Walmart has plenty of books. Can you reload Walmart gift card online to buy books there? Yes you can, but regardless of how you choose to get books, Walmart has an impressive selection for hardcover enthusiasts.


One of the things where Walmart excels is definitely food. They do a great job at delivering high quality food, and you will certainly be impressed with their selection and great value. You can also place a Walmart food order online if you want and the prices are pretty good.

Athletic clothingShorts for sale

The in-house brands and store exclusives are pretty good. The quality might not be extraordinary, but the advantage is that prices are very affordable. So if you want to work out at home or at the gym without spending a lot, this can be a great option.


Not all electronics have the best prices here, but if you want to buy multiple electronics in the same place and you can’t wait online, this is the right store for you. They have a good selection of electronics and they usually cover even the latest stuff.

Things to avoid in Walmart

Organic produce

The quality is good, however the main issue is pricing here. Trader Joe’s and Aldi have way lower prices, sometimes half the Walmart prices regarding Walmart produce. So that’s a better option if you want to spend less money on organic produce.

Gift cardsgift card

You’re way better off if you buy gift cards online. The Walmart online orders’ customer service is good, and you can also buy inside the stores. However, you can find many websites with way lower prices, so that’s something you want to take into consideration.


You don’t want to buy furniture from Walmart. They have low end quality and that means the furniture will not stand the test of time. If you want cheap furniture sure, it might be an option. But most of us want durable furniture, and Walmart is not the right store for that.


Many magazines tend to be overpriced in Walmart to the point where you should consider buying them directly from their website. While Walmart offers the convenience to get the magazine on the spot with other products, you are paying a premium.

Outdoor equipment

While they have a few pieces of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, those are low quality. You should consider other websites like REI or a variety of other dedicated stores. The quality is low and the overall value is just not there.


We recommend you to check this list if you want to buy stuff from Walmart. Sure, you can buy a lot of stuff both online and offline with Walmart, but it’s not the best option all the time. If you take your time and shop around, you will find a much better value for money in the case of money products. Shop smartly and you will be able to spend way less on the items you need!

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